Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prayer Requests


This is my hearts desires :)

*getting preggo (this year)
*baby boy (or a twin) girl and boy
*a car (early next year) brand new
*moving in (new house) January next year
*increase 100 percent of monthly support
*30 task from payu2blog on each of my blogs a month
*good health
*more of YOU in our lives (daily living)
*new office/center/worship place for JHOW Las Pinas-Alabang
*increase of support for neil and tata
*baby for gigi and te raqs
*financial support for our Thailand and other countries trip
*more tithes and offering for JHOW Las Pinas-Alabang
*more supporter for the curch
*more members to attend.
*more youth to come
*financial break through for Nanay (mom-in-law)
*Makuha si lara as SA sa school niya.
*more financial support for Lara's schooling
*mag exceel si Lara sa school
*good health for my family in the province. more blessings to come to all of them. genuine acceptance of Jesus as Lord and savior in their lives.
*more financial support sa JHOW church Las Pinas-Alabang.

So help us Lord and grant us our prayer requests!